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The Lanikai is an excellent all-around board which excels in surf situations as well as efficient flat water glide. The longboard style promotes effortless rail to rail transitions and aggressive carving. It is one of the lighter boards on the market in this category coming in at 27lbs making it appeal to a wider group of people while also having enough volume to support larger riders up to 245lbs. With ample deck space it can also be used for SUP Yoga and Fitness classes.

Construction of the Lanikai is aimed at minimal weight with maximum strength and durability using “Epoxy PVC Sandwich Construction.” The board also feature deck inserts for attaching extra luggage such as dry bags and coolers for extended trips.

The Lanikai is a high performance board, with premium construction techniques, at a fraction of the cost of many comparable all-around boards on the market. Feel free to contact us for free demo session so you can experience 1st hand the true performance of this board.


Height: 11’4”
Width: 30”
Thickness: 4 1/2”


Liters: 194


Available at Rip Curl at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey.

Unit # 104 15775 Croydon Drive or contact Mike at 604 312 7572