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The 108 Velocity finally shares the balance between shear speed and efficiency with confidence inspiring stability. The Velocity provides a very fast platform for competitive racing as well long distance touring with multiple deck mounting points for dry bags and camping gear. Every Velocity is hand shaped, and designed in Canada. The hull shape is optimized for speed featuring a displacement bow designed with minimal rocker allowing the board to penetrate waves as effectively as possible thus eliminating pitching which results in loss of forward energy. The tail design releases water effortlessly for absolute minimal drag.

Construction of the Velocity is aimed at minimal weight with maximum strength and durability using “Epoxy Bamboo Sandwich Construction” Traditionally, a foam core was simply covered with fiberglass and resin. The advent of the Epoxy PVC sandwich revolutionized the weight and the strength. Instead of thick, heavy layers of glass alone, a shaper could wrap the foam core with thinner layers of glass and flexible sheets of high density PVC foam. The epoxy infused result was a lighter weight skin of PVC foam bridging a layer of glass on either side making it stronger and lighter than fiberglass alone. In this case the PVC foam has been replaced by Bamboo to add even more strength to this board being its application is heavily based on racing. Racing condition can often be very busy and board to board contact is inevitable so we decide to go the one step further with the use of Bamboo. Bamboo has also been chosen over wood to reduce weight while also providing more strength than wood.

The 108 Velocity is a high performance board, with premium construction techniques, at a fraction of the cost of many comparable race/ touring boards on the market. Feel free to contact us for free demo session so you can experience 1st hand the true performance of this board.


Height: 12’6”
Width: 31”
Thickness: 5 7/8”


Liters: 272


Available at Rip Curl at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey.

Unit # 104 15775 Croydon Drive or contact Mike at 604 312 7572