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Joyride 8’11”

The Joyride line is a full Softdeck standup paddle board that is designed with stability and fun in mind. At 34”, 33”, and 32” wide, with flat rockers and thick foils, the new Joyrides are sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform. The boards are also shorter respectively, making it easy to maneuver, transport, and store. Be it on a lake, river, or in the ocean, these new Boardworks models are ready to put the Joy in your Ride!


Height: 8'11"
Nose: 25 7/8"
Width: 32 1/8"
Tail: 22 9/16"
Thickness: 4 5/16"
Fins Included: 7" + FCS

Sold out:  Please call to place order