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C4 Waterman

Switchblade 12’6”

Also available for Demo/Rental

Most of the 12-plus racing/touring stand up paddleboards out there now are either wobbly elite-only race machines or sedate, sluggish cruisers. Those who want to do both and do it well will be happy to meet C4 Waterman's Switchblade. This 12'6" board that measures 28.2 inches wide and 5.85" thick boasts a battle-tested plan shape, the result of numerous generations of prototypes forged in the C4 Jet Propulsion Laboratory. At 28.2" wide, the Switchblade is comfortably wide and stable enough to tour Lake Wannamuckaround, but streamlined enough to feel emboldened to enter that first serious sprint or distance race. The bottom shape is all about drag-free efficiency: The classic neutral paddleboard rocker and slippery displacement hull keeps the water flow moving along the rails and off the tail, eliminating the stickiness that arises when flat-bottom SUPs are compressed in the water through the mechanics of vigorous paddling. A recessed deck well lowers the paddler's center of gravity while dishing up greater stability and increasing mechanical advantage enough to enable use of a shorter paddle. C4 Waterman's Switchblade possesses all the same design features as it's bigger brother, the C4 14' V1 delivering the slick glide of a thoroughbred whether the goal is to win the race or simply lose the crowd.


Height: 12'6"
Nose: 14 5/16"
Width: 28 3/16"
Tail: 14 1/16"
Thickness: 5 9/16"
Fins Included: Single Box



Available in the following colours:

As shown with Grey Deck SOLD

As shown with Blue Deck  SOLD

As shown with Red Deck